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Arc rated Insulating Gloves 360mmL x 1.6mm Class 0 (1000V)


2-in-1 Arc rated Insulating glvoes

These innovative 2-in-1 gloves give class 0 insulation and 14cal/cm2 arc flash protection.

The thickness of <1.6mm gives the wearer good dexterity and an improved sense of "feel" over composite arc rated insulating gloves.

Arc rating:

ASTM F2675 ARLim 14cal/cm2

IEC 61482-1-2 Box test APC - 2 (0.5s/7kA)

Electrical insulating gloves offering personal protection against electrical shocks and arc flash when working on or near live equipment and manufactured in full compliance of IEC 60903:2014 and EN 60903:2003 standards.

To avoid cuts and nicks in heavier use the user should wear leather overgloves for mechanical protection

Overglove Table

14cal/cm2 arc rated Electrical Safety Gloves 360mmL x 1.6mm thick Class 0


Due to the gloves natural latex base our insulating gloves offer you high dielectric characteristics. The Insulation of hands is determined by the class number and nominal supply voltage.

  • Fully insulating gloves each test stamped
  • Manufactured to EN60903
  • Pneumatic glove tester available to carry out your own air inflation test as recommended by the EN60903 and IEC903 standards (for class 00 & class 0)
  • Mechanical resistance obtained with a leather over glove
  • High dielectric characteristics
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Lightly powdered
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Natural latex base
  • Length 360 mm
  • Category AZC
  • Various sizes available
  • Cut Edges
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Size Guide

How long do the Latex insulating gloves Last?

As the purpose of these gloves is to provide a high level of protection against potentially high voltages, it is important to check the integrity of the gloves as much as possible. The following is recommended:

  • Class 00 and Class 0: These gloves are suitable for use as long as they have not been physically damaged. If they have been damaged (for example cuts and nicks) we would recommend immediate replacement. A simple air test (using a pneumatic glove tester or simply blowing in air and twisting the sleeve to check for leaks)
  • Class 1 and Higher: These gloves must be visually inspected and tested, with a dielectric test, for suitability every 6 months from the date of manufacture onwards. The manufacturing date can be found on the product packaging.
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