Permit to Work Issuer (Face to face)

RSTC – 986F2F - 2 days course duration plus follow on assessed project Intended for Any person who is required ...

Permit to Work Issuer (Live stream)

RSTC-986L - 1 day (via livestream) course duration Intended for Any person who is required to issue PTW as part ...

Permit-to-work systems are necessary for high risk activities and those that may compromise existing safety procedures. As a result, if you work in an industry that often carries out high risk work, it’s crucial that you know what a permit-to-work is and what it should cover. The HSE expectation is very clear on this subject and the HSG250 guidleine is embedded in our training materials to ensure full understanding and compliance.

This course will explain the purpose of permit-to-work systems and what type of high risk activities may require them. It covers what sections a permit should contain, who has the responsibility for preparing them, and the duties of everyone who will need to carry out work covered by a permit. On completion of the course, you will understand how to prepare a permit, or how to follow it if your workplace receives one, so you can ensure everyone carries out high risk work safely.

We will often dovetail the requirements for Confined Space management and entry and Height Safety with the PTW training where the relationship with Permit Issuer, Subject Specialist and Authorised Person is then covered.