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Pneumatic glove tester


Recommended for field inspection before/after each use, but can be used for periodic visual inspection. It allows to check the entire surface of a glove, including the sleeve (according to the recommendations of EN 60903* and IEC 60903).

The visual and thorough inspection of the entire surface of the glove will detect any perforations or other defects (holes, cuts, important stains, burns, material
alterations) that may cause a dangerous breakdown of the insulating properties.

Please Allow a 2 Week Lead Time



  • Anti-UV treated ABS body
  • Bellows in NBR
  • Removable sealing ring in EPDM
  • Depressurisation button for a controlled deflation
  • Weight: 345g


  • Compact size for toolbox storage
  • Storage in supplied fabric bag
  • Detailed and simple to follow instruction card
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