Arc Flash Balaclavas

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Arc Flash Balaclavas

We offer two styles of arc flash balaclava: single layer and double layer.The singe layer balaclava offers arc flash protection of 12.1 cal and the double layer balaclava 34 cal.Balaclavas offer full protection of head, face and neck against the thermal risk in general and the risk of burning as a result of arc flash.Essential wearing when using an arc rated face shield to offer protection to the neck and the back of the skull.Our single layer balaclava offers ATPV protection of 12 cal, is PPE category 2 and box test Class 1. It benefits from a redesigned eye slot, incorporating a bridge piece to ensure that the balaclava is worn correctly.Our double layer, BSD balaclava offers higher protection and offers the same 360o protection.Both are single size and dark blue.