Useful information on Lockout products and procedures



This section includes important information about lockout/tagout and documents that can help you implement the system in your organisation.

It also includes technical data sheets for our core product range and PDF’s of our products catalogue.

If there are specific documents that you are not able to find in these downloads please call our technical team.

What is lockout – Eight easy steps for locking out This simple single page guide will give you an overview of the principle of locking out and how to implement the system in your business. Please click here to see this guide.


Lockout legislation around the world Understand how legislation effects your business and the requirement under law in your region. For details on Lockout regulations in the U.K, Europe and the U.S, please click here to see this summary.


Reece Lockout Catalogue The Lockout/Tagout catalogue details a comprehensive range of over 1500 products. It covers every element of lockout as well as a range of live electrical safety products and safety signs and labels. Please click here to see our new catalogue as a flipbook. If you would like to download a full PDF of the new catalogue please click here and use our downloads section.


Product data sheets Provides a detailed specification of user guide on 50 of our most popular products. If you cannot find the specific product you require please contact our technical sales team and they will do their best to find the information you require.Please click here to go to our datasheets downloads section.


Sentinel The cornerstone of any Safe System of Work that involves safe isolation will employ full padlock control to ensure the "One man, one Lock" principle. Every one of the Brass Safety Padlocks that we sell to an end user will have the full lock numbers recorded in our Sentinel system to allow safe expansion at a later date. This is vital for Multi-site corporations where Engineers often move between sites - we ensure that all sites are cross referenced in Sentinel to avoid any duplication. Contact us now to see how we can help manage your padlock control as a part of your Lockout procedures.