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Group Lockout


What is Group Lockout?

When multiple engineers work on a single piece of plant or equipment Group Lockout procedures apply

What is a Lockout box?

The lockout box holds the keys for plant locks or maybe a fuse from the main panel - locks are added and only when the last lock is removed can the panel then be re-energised

Where to fit your lock box in the workplace?

Group lockout boxes are either portable or fixed on a wall. Some can be stored on a panel and then moved when in use - it depends on local practices

What is a Lockout Station?

A printed or moulded panel to store lockout equipment which may also be custom made to suit the workplace and equipment

What is a Keysafe?

Used in power stations are part of the Permit To Work procedure - the lockout box has individual locks built in as well as the override by the Senior Authorised Person

Is a Keysafe a good idea for a workplace?

It is the highest level of group lockout possible and gives the safest way to ensure equipment is correctly isolated - part of a planned Permit to Work system