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Keeping a group of engineers safe during a more complex isolation is often where lockout systems fall apart. Group lockout solutions start from a basic ammo box up to a permit office preferred solution of a control key lock box. Interlock systems often need a group lockout solution to protect the single released trapped interlock ley.A Permit to Work system is commonly in place across all sectors to provide Safe Systems of Work. A Permit Office will thus be set up where such Permits are prepared, issued and controlled and such systems will utilise key safes (also known as control lock boxes) to strictly manage the energy isolations in place. Often during outages it is necessary to allow more engineers access to individual keys and, in such cases, a key exchange unit allows this simple extension. issued the permit document pack (PTW, RAMS and SOPs) will need to be visible for all to review and this is done by the use of card safes where we have both single and double sided available to lock out these essential documents and allow easy access. A useful alternative to the card safe is a permit station which stores the permits in their respective wallets alongside the essential locks and group lockout boxes to make the job easier and safe.