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Work positioning harnesses are multi-purpose safety harnesses, designed primarily for use in situations when the user wants to be secured in their place of work at height, with their hands free to undertake any work required. Multiple attachment points on the harness allow the user to work in restraint (using a work restraint lanyard attached to any of the designated restraint attachment points on the harness – most usually the side D rings), fall arrest (with a lanyard or fall arrest block attached to one of the fall arrest attachment points on the harness – sternal or dorsal) or in work positioning (using a restraint lanyard combined with a fall arrest lanyard or in rope access with an industrial descender paired with a back-up device on a separate safety line). Work positioning harnesses will conform to both EN361 and EN358. For work positioning, side D rings are included, but are for the attachment of work adjustment lanyards or pole straps, and should never be used as the attachment point of any fall arrest equipment.