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Fall Arrest Lanyards and PFLs


How long is a fall arrest lanyard?

A fall arrest lanyard can be a maximum of 2m in the UK.

Whats the difference between a fall arrest lanyard and a work restraint lanyard?

Fall arrest lanyards are designed to 'open' in a fall to absorb some of the force to the wearer. A restraint lanyard is designed to keep the user from reaching the point of exposure to fall.

What is an energy absorbing lanyard?

A safety Lanyard designed to absorb some of the force from a fall.

What are work positioning lanyards used for?

To hold a person in place at the exposed edge when working from height.

What is a personal fall limiter?

A Small fall arrest block (PFL) is a device that contains a spring-loaded retracting web or cable lanyard wound around an internal drum. In the event of a fall, it automatically locks and arrests the fall of a worker.