Arc Flash

  • Electric & hybrid vehicle intervention kits.

    At the end of May 2021 there were nearly 260,000 pure electric cars on UK roads, nearer 540,000 if you include plug-in hybrids. Current statistics show that for the first time more hybrid electric cars were registered than diesel cars in 2021, Q2. As a result, vehicle service centres now [...]

  • How to manage the risk of Arc Flash

    Webinar covering the need & benefits of an Arc Flash Study In any work, you need to protect your people from being hurt. In order to do that you have to identify and understand the workplace hazards they face. You need to be able to assess the harm that could be caused by the hazard and th [...]

  • Arc Flash surveys

    Arc Flash surveys Arc flash PPE is often referred to as the last line of defence and follows all the work done to minimise the risk through system design. So how do you know how strong this PPE defence must be? This is a question every company must answer for itself in order to conduct a risk assess [...]


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