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45kV Rescue Stick - 1.65m length


Popular rescue hook to allow safe rescue of casualty in the event of them suffering a form of electrocution where they become stuck on the live circuit. The hook allows their safe removal without endangering the rescuer.

Now very poplular for use in Electric and Hybrid vehicle workshops where the batteries can store high levels of Amps which could result in a serios electrocution.

Insulated Glass fibre pole and coated steel hook 

Conforms to NF EN 60900/ IEC 60900/ NF EN 6789

Wall fixings included.

Rescue stick 45 kV with protective handguard and hook. Stick for rescuing an injured technician (electrocution, dizziness...), working on category 1, 2 and 3 substations. It is used to grasp the injured person by the waist and bring him back to a protected area

Steel hook details are

  • Test voltage on 300 mm : 100 kV. 
  • Hook : steel tube 18 x 1,5 cm. 
  • Length : 1.65m overall length, delivered dismantled.
  • Pole length : 1.45m
  • Weight : 1.4kg

Essential for any Substation environment and Electric and Hybrid vehicle service and repair workshops

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