45kV Rescue Stick 1.65m with Rescue Hook Panel


Rescue Stick:

Rescue stick 45 kV with protective handguard and hook. Stick for rescuing an injured technician (electrocution, dizziness...), working on category 1, 2 and 3 substations. It is used to grasp the injured person by the waist and bring him back to a protected area

  • Test voltage on 300 mm : 100 kV. 

  • Hook : steel tube 18 x 1,5 cm. 

  • Length : 600 mm, delivered dismantled.

  • Weight : 1.4kg

Rescue Stick Panel:

Highly visible Rescue Hook Station to allow rapid intervention in the event of an electrical incident.

Station provides secure hook storage and should be placed in a prominent and easily accessible position near to the "live" site

Live Saving First Aid for HV Electric shock instructions printed on panel. Very popular for use with Hybrid Vehicle service areas.


W 800 mm x H 600 mm