Jetstream Airfed Welder Kit


Following legislation changes Reece are now stocking the Jetstream Switch and Go Unit.

With a belt-mounted rechargeable respirator, the Jetstream has a large capacity disposable filter that supplies clean air through a flexible reinforced hose for different applications.

The blower unit with fully automatic alarm and integrated battery attached to a thick but lightweight and comfortable waist belt.

This unit delivers 180 litres of air per minute, through the Jetstream filter via a flexible hose up to the head top unit. 


■ Respiratory protection provided by the unit complies with
   European Standard EN 12941. 

■ EC Certificate Number 59716, issued by BSI Product Certification.

■ CobraTM headtop meets the requirements of EN175.

■ CobraTM lens meets the requirements of EN379.

■ Grinding faceshield meets the requirements of EN166.

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