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1kV Rescue Hook - 1.2m length

  • Universally popular rescue hook for the retrieval of victims of electric shock with a voltage rating of 1,000V
  • 1M length keeps rescuer safe from harm
  • Very popular in Electric and Hybrid Vehicle repair and service workshops
  • Widely used by the Formula-E teams and all the motor vehicle manufacturers
  • Convenient size for everyday use and can be mounted on walls with dedicated storage solution ELE18A
  • Good stock always maintained for free next day delivery
  • Dimensions: 25mm dia x 1,000mm
  • Used for the retrieval of victims of electric shock, safeguarding the life of the rescuer
  • The hook enables the victim to be pulled clear by gripping the arms, legs, armpits, ankles etc.
  • Required in all live line areas as part of controlling measures following Health & Safety risk assessment
  • For use with up to 1kV system voltage on machinery, sub stations, live cables etc.
  • Grey HD polyethylene, with high temperature stabiliser additive, and 2% U.V. stabiliser for high U.V. protection. Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Anticipated Life: 10 years. The year of manufacture is embossed on the hook.
  • Suitable for outdoor storage, (e.g. outdoor substation) on account of U.V. stabilisation additive.
  • The Safety Rescue Hook must not be stored permanently in direct sunlight.


Available separately the ELE18A is the custom built location station that allows the Rescue Hook to be stored at the "Live Site"

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Weight 1.7kg
Dimensions 120 x 28 x 16cm
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