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Universal Fuse Lock and Block Kit


Kit Contents

1 x TT38RED - Safety padlock, steel shackle with key to differ
1 x RFB1 - Fuse lockout to fit 13/32” fuses
1 x RFB2 - Fuse lockout to fit 9/16” fuses
1 x RFB3 - Fuse lockout to fit 1/4”, 9/32”, 13/32” and 9/16” fuses
1 x RFB4 - Fuse lockout to fit 13/16”, 1.1/16” and blade fuses
1 x UFL2 - Universal fuse holder lockout
1 x RPT32AR - Reusable safety tags “Lockout out, Do not operate”
                            at 50 x 110mm
1 x RWPT01 - Water-based non- permanent marker pen
1 x CBAG01 - Canvas waist pouch (Front and top opening pockets)

An ideal kit for locking and blocking all types of bladed fuses and fuse holders

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Kit TypeElectrical
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