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Ultimate Contractor Lockout Kit


Kit Contents

1 x TT38RED - 38mm safety padlock, steel shackle with keyed to differ
1 x CB05 - MCB Lockout push button operated, inside prongs
1 x CB06 - MCB Lockout push button operated, outside prongs
1 x CB07 - MCB Lockout push button operated, wide inside prongs
1 x CB09 - 277 volt circuit breaker lockout
1 x CB12 - MCB toggle lockout
1 x CB13 - Grip tight MCB lockout (Sideways fitting)
1 x CB14 - Grip tight MCB lockout (Over toggle fitting)
1 x UCL1 - Universal circuit breaker lockout
1 x UCL2 - Moulded case breaker lockout
1 x MLH5 - Lockout hasp, steel red coated 25mm dia for
                     up to 6 padlocks
2 x RPT29AR - Reusable Safety tags “Do not operate”
                           at 50 x 110mm
1 x RWPT01 - Water-based non- permanent marker pen
1 x CBAG01-UB - Canvas waist pouch (Front/top opening pockets)

This kit is designed for a contractor working on Commerical, Industrial and Domestic installations and routine maintenance. This kit is great for contractors who perform maintenance tasks on various types and ages of switchgear as will give you the ability to isolate the equipement safely.
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