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Two part isolation tag


Simple two-part tag to incorporate into any Permit to Work system.

This tag gives an easy to use record system for safe isolation practices for instant identification of what is being done by whom and when which dovetails into any PTW system and finally offers robust long term record keeping.

Combined size: 265mm x 100mm

Supplied in packs of 50 Material: PVC

Our 2 part isolation tag is ideal for more complex isolations where traceability is important and they represent an excellent way to introduce a simple permit to work system in a factory

  • After parts 1 and 2 are filled in, part 1 is attached to the isolation point.
  • Part 2 is detached and returned back to the responsible person as confirmation of isolation.
  • Both parts of the tag have areas for tag and permit numbers which can be entered onto the permit to work, again to aid traceability.
  • Once the job is complete, both parts can be filed with the permit as a long term record of the work.
  • Alternatively if used with a dry wipe marker, both parts can be cleaned ready for re-use.

Parts 1 and 2 are pre-scored to allow easy separation by hand.

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Tags Size265 x 100mm
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