Squire Combination Key Safe Box

RRP: £32.80
Sale Price: £26.24
You Save: £6.56

Product Features

The Keykeep should be placed out of sight so as not to invite attack. Fix your Keykeep in a discrete location and only make that location known to those who need access.

  • Easy to fit and recode

  • 4 wheels with 10,000 possible combinations, making the lock very difficult to pick

  • Weather resistant cover

  • Four wheel recodable combination lock

  • Durable construction

  • Ideal for external and internal use

  • Choose your own secure access code

  • Lock spare keys outside your home in case you lose your main set

  • Keep elderly or infirm relatives' keys for fast access in an emergency

  • Easy access for your children when they get home

  • Ideal for shed keys, garage keys etc

  • Lock car keys indoors to prevent car theft

  • Allows gardeners, cleaners, workmen, care workers access to your home. Allows access for only those who know the code

  • Allows access for only those who know the code

  • Provides a mini-safe for holiday homes, guest houses, BandBs and rental accommodation

  • For offices or holiday lets, allows access only to those you choose to give the code to

  • Keep your spare keys safe and secure