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Retractable Cable Lockout Device with Nylon Cable


The retractable cable lockout device, ideal for valve and other general lockouts, features a tough, flexible and non-conductive bright yellow nylon cable

Designed with a built-in cable management system, the take-up reel and internal ratcheting mechanism only allow for tension to be increased on the cable even after safety padlocks are applied.

  • Patented 3.3mm diameter x 2.74m high visibility nylon cable for non-conductive applications
  • Tough, lightweight thermoplastic body withstands chemicals.
  • Suitable for group or multi-point lockout.
  • Takes four locks.
  • Rugged Zenex™ Thermoplastic Housing Stores unused cable, making the device more manageable – whether in use or in storage
  • Ergonomic Take-Up Wheel retracts the cable. Deep pockets in wheel allow for easy operation, even with gloves
  • Control Lever - When closed, tension on the cable can only be increased. Internal ratcheting mechanism allows users to add tension, even after safety padlocks have been applied. Opening the control lever releases the lockout
  • Cable 2.7m (9-foot) colour-coded cable for easy identification and improved visibility in the work environment. Yellow nylon core cable for dielectric applications
  • Cable Clip-In Pocket Cable snaps into pocket and remains in place until control lever is opened and cable release button is pushed, preventing premature removal
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MaterialNylon Cable
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