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Petzl Grillon Work Positioning Lanyard(3m)


The Petzl adjustable Grillon anchor can be used to quickly set a fixed anchor point. The length of rope required to set it is easily adjusted with the integrated self-locking device. The removable protective sheath allows smoother rope glide while protecting the rope from abrasive surfaces.

The Petzl Grillon Lanyard is an adjustable work positioning / work restraint lanyard used to secure a technician to a anchor point or structure. It is designed to limit movement or to allow hands-free work while in a position of work. The lanyard rope can be pulled through the device to pull you closer to the area of work. The longer lengths can also be used as a temporary horizontal lifeline.

Can be used in two ways:

Single mode:

Attached (device end) to the centre waist (ventral) attachment point of the harness (rope end to an anchor), for use as an adjustable work positioning or restraint lanyard (user can be in suspension). The distance from the anchor can be adjusted by operating the handle while holding the free end of the lanyard.

Double mode:

Clipped to each side D (lateral) attachment point of the harness with the rope wrapped round a structure, designed so some of the users weight is distributed onto the harness waist belt when the user has weight on their feet, with the aim of keeping the user close to their position of work. The distance from the work position can be adjusted by pressing on the pivoting cam to let rope out (to move further from the work position).

Available in several lengths, with the rope end length marking colour coded for easy identification.

Note: Requires two connectors (unless opting for the Grillon Hook which has a double action snap hook sewn into the rope end - this version just requires a connector for the device end).

Tech Tip: Use a mule knot behind the Grillon to lock the device in one place.

Key Features

  • Easy to use:
    • Allows quick setting of an adjustable anchor that is longer than two meters.
    • Fine adjustment system allows easy adjustment of length and tension at the anchor point (1).
  • Sewn terminations on both ends with plastic sheath to keep the connector in position and protect the rope from abrasion
  • Removable protective sheath protects the rope from abrasive surfaces and allows smooth rope glide
  • Available in four lengths: 2, 3, 4 and 5 m. Rope length is immediately identified by a color-coded label at the connector end.
  • Replacement ropes available
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