Personal Safety and Climbing Kit


Well equipped grab bag for anyone needing to work above ground on machinery, ladders, roofing or other daily working at height recognised activities. The carefully considered collection of high grade equipment will enable safe working using the essentials to handle any activity safely and comfortably.

These selected products and brands are used to give high quality kit at a highly competitive price and are used during all of our Working at Height Training programmes - by both Trainees and Trainers

Please note below in related products the common option of the temporary achors with either the coated wire strop or the protected webbing sling - either is a very popular addition to this kit for safe working.

You must ensure that you are trained in the use of this equipment to work in safety and comply with legislation.

We have a discount offer for the purchase of the kits in conjunction with our training courses:

10% discount when purchased before the course

5% discount when bought after attending the course

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