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Pack of 1000 Anti-Tamper Biro Writeable seals


Available in white, the seal is writable with a biro

Keytracker Anti-Tamper Seals are the most popular seals available as they can be used with either the Mechanical Pegboards or Electronic Cabinet Systems; supplied in the white writable version. There are a wide range of Seals and Tags available to provide additional length, higher security, or flexibility when using either the Mechanical Pegboard or Electronic Cabinet systems. Anti-tamper seals lock your keys or asset onto either the Keytracker mechanical system, Retaining Peg or Keytracker e-Lite electronic Intelligent Peg. Thread the seal through the head of the key/s or a fixing point on the asset then the relevant Peg. Once all together, push the metal end of the Anti-tamper seal into the white plastic shaped head and push in completely, the wire locks back on its self and locks the seal. The seal is designed for one use only and will have to be cut off if for any reason the keys or asset needs to replaced or moved to a different location.
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Safety Sign Size148 x 120mm
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