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Equipment Lockout Station (with contents)

Size: H 800mm x W 1225mm

A complete system including equipment for locking off ball valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, portable electrical equipment, electrical isolators, circuit breakers, pneumatic equipment and any device that utilises the popular IEC60320 input connector

  • LSE109 Lockout equipment storage station
  • 12 x M32D Individual padlocks
  • 5 x MLH1 Stainless steel lockout hasps
  • 1 x Pack (100) of RLOT4 disposable tags
  • 1 x Pack (100) of RLOT5 disposable tags
  • 1 x Pack (100) of RLOT6 disposable tags
  • 1 x WPT01 Water based marker
  • 1 x VS02, VS04, VS06, VS09 & VS13 Gate valve lockout
  • 1 x BS01, BS02 & BS03 Ball valve lockout
  • 1 x BS04 Butterfly valve lockout
  • 1 x IEC60320 connector lockout
  • 1 x CLKIT Cable lockout
  • 1 x LP110 & LP550 Lock-A-Plug
  • 2 x BS11 Pneumatic lockout
  • 1 x CB01, CB02, CB03, CB04, CB05, CB06,CB07, CB08, CB09, CB10 & CB11 Circuit breaker lockout
  • (Size: 830mm high x 1250mm wide)
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