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IEC Lockout Device

Lockout device for "kettle style" power leads used in PCs and other IT equipment

Llockout device for equipment that utilizes a detachable power cord.

Equipment fitted with the popular IEC 60320 type input power connector can now be secured using the IEC lockout from Reece Safety. This patented safety/security device will fit most computers, test instruments, power supplies, monitors, lab equipment etc., that use a removable power cord.

The IEC lockout features an elastomeric nose that bulges to firmly grip to the interior surfaces of the connector housing. This palm-sized, lightweight, simple device is made of durable nylon that accommodates a personal padlock for lockout/security applications.

The IEC Lockout prevents the insertion of power cords into machinery that utilize IEC 60320 input power connectors.

Typical Examples of applications

  • Computers during upgrade work where internal components are exposed.
  • Lockout all types of machines fitted with an IEC 60320 input power connector during maintenance work.
  • Prevent unauthorised operation of computers and other machines by blocking the power input.
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    Safety Sign Size148 x 120mm
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    Datasheet onIEC 60320 Lockout Click here to download