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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Point Installer's Lockout Kit


Lockout kit designed for use in the installation of domestic and commercial electric vehicle installation points

Housed in a personal multi pocket durable canvas waist pouch

Each kit contains:

1 x CB05 - MCB Lockout, pin-out push button operated

1 x CB06 - MCB Lockout, pin-in push button operated

1 x CB13 - Grip Tight MCB Lockout (sideways fitting)

1 x CB14 - Grip Tight MBC Lockout (over toggle fitting)

1 x UCL1 - Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout

1x  MLH5 - Lockout Hasp - steel red coated, scissor actioned

3 x TT38GRN- 38mm Green Reece Safety Padlock - steel shackle, nylon bodied, keyed to differ

1 x RWPT01 - Pen water-based non-permanent.  Ideal for writing on tags

1x RPT32AR - Tags 110x50mm, Danger Equipment Locked Out. Do not operate - Pack of 10

5 x cable ties

1 x CBAG01 - Canvas Waist Pouch

Sales of Electric Vehicles are currently growing massively with the switch from internal combustion enginge to fully battery electric vehicles (BEV) and plug in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV).  To support this transition the UK Government has launched a strategy called Road to Zero, where it aims to:

  • Drive new ultra-low emission car sales to a market share of at least 50% and up to 70% by 2030, alongside up to 40% of new vans
  • Enable a massive roll-out of the infrastructure to support the electric vehicle revolution

The ambitious plan, with £1.5 billion invested, provides electricians with a number of opportunities to deliver the following in the Road to Zero Strategy:

  • A push for chargepoints to be installed in newly built homes and new lamp posts, potentially providing a massive expansion of the plug-in network
  • The launch of a £400 million Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund to help accelerate the roll-out of the charging infrastructure
  • A new £40 million programme to develop and trial innovative, low cost wireless and on-street charging technology
  • Providing up to £500 for electric vehicle owners to fit a chargepoint in their home through the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme
  • Increase the value of grants available to workplaces for chargepoint installations
  • Extend the Plug-In Car and Van Grants at current rates, and in some form until at least 2020, allowing consumers to continue to make significant savings when purchasing a new electric vehicle

This Electric Vehicle Installation Lockout Kit has been created to help the installer of a charging pod (station) undertake this work safely and comply with The Elecrcity at Work Regulations 1989.  

This legislation places a duty on employers to ensure, amongst other things, that employees engaged in such work activities on or near electrical equipment implement safe systems of work, have technical knowledge, training or experience to carry out the work safely, and are provided with suitable tools, test equipment and personal protective equipment appropriate to the work they are required to carry out.

Regulation 12

Isolation means the disconnection and separation of the electrical equipment for every source of electrical energy in such a way that this disconnection and separation is secure

Regulation 13

Adequate provisions shall be taken to prevent electrical equipment, which has been made dead in order to prevent danger while work is being carried out on or near that equipment, from being electrically charged during that work if danger may thereby arise.

The kit is designed to be convenient to the user through storing all the items in a handy pouch that can be worn round the waiste.  The contents contains relevant circuit breaker isolators, locks and tags to ensure that lockout tagout (LOTO) is applied.  With a hasp and 3 separate padlocks electrical isolation can be operated by 3 separate technicians to enable safe work for either independent installers or a team.

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