Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Point Installer's Lockout Kit


Lockout kit designed for use in the installation of domestic and commercial electric vehicle installation points

Housed in a personal multi pocket durable canvas waist pouch

Each kit contains:

1 x CB05 - MCB Lockout, pin-out push button operated

1 x CB06 - MCB Lockout, pin-in push button operated

1 x CB13 - Grip Tight MCB Lockout (sideways fitting)

1 x CB14 - Grip Tight MBC Lockout (over toggle fitting)

1 x UCL1 - Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout

1x  MLH5 - Lockout Hasp - steel red coated, scissor actioned

3 x TT38GRN- 38mm Green Reece Safety Padlock - steel shackle, nylon bodied, keyed to differ

1 x RWPT01 - Pen water-based non-permanent.  Ideal for writing on tags

1x RPT32AR - Tags 110x50mm, Danger Equipment Locked Out. Do not operate - Pack of 10

5 x cable ties

1 x CBAG01 - Canvas Waist Pouch

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