No.1 Lockout Tagout Specialist

Deluxe tag station with contents


Holds Multiple Groups of Tags

Supplied with Contents

Holds Multiple Groups of Tags

• Two tip-out drawers with dividers to create 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 compartments
• Each tip-out drawer measures 250x170x80mm inside
• Eight hanger clips along bottom for safety padlocks or hasps
• Durable construction for years of use in corrosive environments
• Lockable. Use combination padlock to limit access to authorized employees
• Also suitable for ear plugs and eyewear

Contents included with the station are:

1 pack (100 tags in each pack) of: RLOT1, RLOT2, RLOT3, RLOT4, RLOT5, RLOT6, (600 tags in total with ties)

1 x RWPT01 Marker pen

4 x TT38RED Safety padlocks

4 x MLH1 Lockout hasps

Size: 280mm H x 500mm W x 110mm D

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