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Complete 15 system key tracker system

Complete 15 system key tracker system
  • Totally power free - so no connection, license free, training, maintenance contract etc.
  • Simple and easy to use key manager "peg in-peg out" instant identification of who has the keys
  • Totally modular so moving or adding to is easy and hassle free Stainless steel frame with ABS plastic moulded tracks mean your keytracker Mechanical pegboard will last a lifetime and is safe outdoors.
  • Key tracker bords can be fixed directly to the wall, slotted on to wall brackets while in use then moved easily for overnight or offsite storage, or housed within one of our bespoke mechanical cabinets (CABTRAK2, CABTRAK3, CABTRAK4 or CABTRAK5)
  • Each access peg is individually engraved with a number chich you can record against each user. Optional padlock storage bar enables quick identification of who has taken a lock

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