C5 EVOGuard MAX Industrial Visor & Evo2 Non-Vented Helmet


C5 MAX Industrial Visor is compatable with the EN50365 standard EVO2 Safety Helmet (Non-Vented) 

Class 1 Visor

Providing eye and face protection against a risk of a fault arc: GS-ET-29 Class 1, 4kA (155KJ/m² or 3.7 cal/cm²)

Short Circuit Electric Arc and Electric Arc Protection

Chin Guard with Anti-Scratch and Anti-Mist

EVO2 Safety Helmet (Non-Vented)

Meets the EN50365 Class 0 10KV standard

Electricians Non vented helmet

Dual set of clips for compatability with ear defenders and brow guard

Visor and helmet can be sold separately - please request a quote online or, contact the office direct.

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