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Brass 32mm body Safety Padlock


Our range of precision made brass padlocks are ideal for use in lockout/tagout systems

All combinations of padlocks available - please select on drop down menus on right for shackle length and keying options. Also available are optional extras for colour and adding chain

Padlock now comes with single key in line with demands from customers across all sectors

Each padlock is stamped with a unique lock number to avoid crossovers across your sites as we manage your lock numbers to eliminate this risk

Our range of precision made brass safety padlocks are ideal for use in lockout/tagout systems. The brass padlock is favoured due to the robust construction and compact body making it the traditionally favoured safety lockout tagout tryout padlock in the UK and Ireland

  • Padlock bodies and keys numbered as standard
  • Supplied as standard with single key (options for multiple keys if needed)
  • Padlock numbers recorded via our Sentinel database for each customer to avoid duplications to site on future orders
  • Over 50,000 individual locking mechanisms available (enough for most lockout/ tagout systems).
  • Rustproof brass bodies and shackles (steel shackles can be supplied upon request).
  • Anti-spark brass shackle as standard
  • Padlocks keyed to your specific requirements
  • Painted bodies and key heads are available as an option
  • All engraving options possible for name, plant number or contractor number etc.
  • Please note master keys are sold seperately 


                 Keyed to Differ                         Keyed Alike                         Master and Differ

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Shackle MaterialBrass
Padlock MaterialBrass
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