ALTAIR O2 Single Gas Detector - 10092523


MSA ALTAIR - Single Gas Detector

The MSA ALTAIR is a reliable high-performance single-gas detector that is simple to use and extremely economical. Designed for superior lifespan (patented sensors operate for over two years) and high performance, the ALTAIR single-gas detector is the smart choice for market-leading, cost-effective gas monitors. Features sensors for hydrogen sulphide coupled with LED/audible/vibrating alarms. Superior dust/water protection, high RFI resistance, and one-button operation provide heightened safety, plus increased durability and ease of use.

• Records the last 25 alarm events automatically, offering the ability to assess recent alarm conditions
• Patented electrochemical sensors and MSA-built button sensors
• MSA Link via built-in IR communication port
• Triple alarm system effectively alerts the wearer to any danger
• Single button press to carry out bump check test
• Simple, easy-to-read display
• Designed to withstand a 3m drop test
• Two years or 1080 alarm minutes of service life under warranty with no maintenance
• H2S sensors
• Stainless steel and solid electrolyte construction virtually eliminate sensor leakage
• Rubberised armour housing

ATEX-approved II 2G EEx ia IIC T4 –20°C to +50°C
Ingress protection rating is IP67

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