Medium Risk Confined Space Entry Training

Medium Risk Confined Space Entry Training

Course Description

If the operative is required to enter any tank, chamber, or room that has a restricted air flow but would expect the atmosphere to at least start off as safe then they would require the medium risk confined space entry course. The  medium risk confined space entry course will teach how to use the gas monitor, escape set, tripod, winch, harness and other associated confined space entry equipment. It will build a basic awareness of how to formulate a risk assessment and spot potential hazards. It allows for the operatives to disconnect from the winch as a working party but the escape time must be considered so that all entrants have sufficient time if an alarm or event occurs that all can exit safely.

This confined space training course is about working in confined space environments where there is a medium risk that a specified hazard may be present. It will involve the presence of one or more people – positioned outside the confined space – who have designated responsibilities for controlling the entry and dealing with emergencies. Completion of this confined space training course allows for entrance to NC1, NC2 and NC3 confined spaces.

NC2 medium risk confined spaces are defined as, vertical direct unobstructed access with continuous attachment to a man riding hoist or similar mechanical rescue devise.

NC3 medium risk confined spaces are defined as, when it is not possible to have persons permanently attached to a safety line. Usually it will be a team entry which moves away from the entry point. This situation can be, man entry sewers, utility service subway tunnels, aqueducts and complex wet wells. Working without an attached rescue line and includes working away from the point of entry.


2 days

Learning  Outcomes

■ Prepare to work safely in medium risk confined spaces
■ Enter and exit medium risk confined spaces safely
■ Prepare and use escape breathing apparatus in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions
■ Use equipment and tools safely and in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions
■ Follow procedures and work safely
■ Deal with emergencies
■ Use appropriate behaviour when working in medium risk confined spaces
■ Understand legislation governing working in medium risk confined spaces
■ Apply appropriate industry specific knowledge for working in medium risk confined spaces


■ Definition of a confined space & Water UK NC1-NC4 classifications & Low, Medium, High definitions
■ Specified Risks
■ Duties under the Regulations, preventing the need for entry
■ Risk Assessment and hazard identification
■ Atmospheric hazards and gases
■ Principles and use of gas detectors
■ Safe systems of work & permits to work
■ Roles, responsibilities and topman/overseer entrant duties
■ Pre use checks, correct donning & adjustment of harness
■ Inspection and applications of tripods, winches and fall arrest equipment
■ Inspection and use of personal escape breathing apparatus
■ Practical exercises and assessments

Course Details

■ Reasonable level of fitness required
■ Must speak fluent English
■ Please wear steel toe capped work shoes and standard workwear
■ Lunch, tea and coffee will be provided
■ Full course details sent out in advance
■ Please arrive 15 mins prior to course start

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