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Confined Space Emergency Rescue Training

Confined Space Emergency Rescue Training

Course Description

This confined space training course will train the operatives in risk assessment and how to plan and carry out a comprehensive search and rescue. This event requires a level 1 medical. It will instil all the knowledge required to deal with situations as they arise and how to document all details. It should be remembered that rescue plans are required for all entrance into confined spaces but that rescue teams may be required in any situation where the operatives detach from the winch line.

This qualification is for those persons who are part of a dedicated rescue team. The event will cover all aspects of planning, strategy, communications and emergency evacuation of a casualty. The event will be practical and theoretical with a staged emergency recovery leading to an assessment of abilities, with a structured report in line with the water authorities and emergency services.


3 days

Learning Outcomes

■ Safe use of oxygen therapy
■ Use of Automatic external defibrillator
■ Conducting emergency first aid
■ Use of rescue equipment in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions
■ Follow procedures and work safely
■ Deal with emergencies
■ Patient packaging – using spinal boards, neck braces, splints, dressing etc.
■ Understand legislation regarding rescue provision
■ Casualty search and extraction techniques


■ Search and rescue techniques
■ The structure of a rescue team
■ Oxygen administration
■ Patient packaging
■ Use of spinal boards and neck braces
■ Roles and responsibilities of a rescue team
■ Automatic external defibrillation
■ Casualty extraction
■ Communications during an emergency
■ Practical exercises and assessments

Course Details

■ Reasonable level of fitness required
■ Level 1 medical qualification needed
■ Must speak fluent English
■ Please wear steel toe capped work shoes and standard workwear
■ Lunch, tea and coffee will be provided 
■ Full course details sent out in advance
■ Please arrive 15 mins early

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