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  • Arc flash hood 25.0 cal/cm²

    Arc flash hood 25.0 cal/cm²

    The arc flash hood permits the user to work at live parts or in the vicinity of live parts without r...


  • 26 cal visor and helmet

    Arc Rated visor with helmet 26cal/cm2

    Clear face shield with no colour in the visor Complete with market leading MSA VGARD 500 helmet Tr...


  • 22cal arc rated visor integrated into helmet

    Arc Rated helmet with Integrated visor 28cal/cm2

    This is a unique helmet with integrated non-tinted face shield to protect its wearer from getti...


  • Arc Rated Balaclava - double layer 34.0cal/cm2

    Arc Rated Balaclava - double layer 34.0cal/cm2

    For wearing under our range of face shields. The balaclava is used in combination with an arc-rated...



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ARC Flash Face protection is an area commonly overlooked when looking at ARC Flash Clothing and protection. That's why we carry vast stocks of ARC Flash Helmets and Visors as part of our ARC Flash Clothing collection. Whilst most people prefer our non-tint new technology visors, we also stock the old faithful green visors. We also stock the Increasingly popular integrated helmet/visor option which is better to overcome user wearing reluctant, with our ARC Flash Hood acting as a great solution where the danger from falling objects is not present. Completing the protection range are the two balaclavas where the double layer 34cal/cm2 gives excellent protection at a great price. Don't forget to also view our other ARC Flash Accessories include ARC Rated Gloves, Two-Tone ARC flash Clothing and ARC Flash switching suit kits.