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We fully understand the essential requirements of guaranteed differs and lock number control to ensure that your safety systems are not fundamentally flawed. Our own range of nylon and aluminium padlocks have lock number already engraved on the body.

Our new range of Aluminium bodied safety padlocks is quickly becoming a best seller. Our Brass Safety padlocks are the UK industry standard.

We hold good stocks of all major padlock types to respond quickly to urgent needs. Call us now for next day delivery.

  • Brass 51mm body Safety Padlock Brass Safety Padlocks
  • Nylon body Safety Padlock - Steel Shackle Nylon body Safety Padlocks
  • Aluminium Bodied Safety Padlock With Steel Shackle Aluminium body Safety Padlocks
  • Masterlock Xenoy Padlock Masterlock Xenoy Safety Padlocks
  • Nylon body Safety Padlock - Nylon Shackle Nylon body Non-conductive Safety Padlocks
  •  Brass Combination Padlock 40mm Brass Combination Padlocks
  • 25mm body Brass Keyed Alike Padlock with Brass shackle Small Brass Padlocks
  •  Stainless Steel Padlock with 51mm shackle clearance Stainless Steel Padlocks
  • 10 Metre Stainless Steel Chain Chain & Links
  • Extreme conditions protection covers (Pack of 12) Padlock Accessories
  • Padlock labels self adhesive. Pack of 10 black Padlock Labels
  •  Plastic key cover Dark Blue Plastic key head covers
  • 100 Long Key Tag write on, plastic with card insert. Black Key Tags
  •  Plastic Body Black Plastic brass padlock bodies
  • Locked Out' Lockout Padlock Fold-Over Tag Fold-over lockout padlock tags
  •  Danger Board with 75mm 3 inch zinc plated chain and S32D lock Danger boards