Circuit Breaker Lockout

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Our vast range of ex-stock Circuit breaker lockouts means that you will be able to get your safe isolation sorted by tomorrow.

The best sellers are the excellent value universal CB12 and the Masterlock 491B (our CB13)

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  • Universal 'No tools' Mini Circuit Breaker MCB Grub screw/No tool
  • CB05 Push Button Operated MCB Lockout MCB Pin type Lockouts
  • Lockout for Large Circuit Breakers Grub Screw Circuit Breaker Lockout
  •  480/600 Volt Oversized Circuit Breaker Lockout General circuit breaker lockouts - No tool
  •  190mm red blocking bar (5 per pack) Permanently Mounted Lockout
  • Circuit Breaker Lockout Station Circuit Breaker Lockout Stations
  •  190mm red blocking bar (5 per pack) All Circuit Breaker Lockouts