Wind Turbines

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We are proud to be closely linked with the major partners in this growth industry where the Wind Turbine Safety Rules Section 3 describes the strict control of safe isolation procedures for the Plant and LV apparatus. The mainstay in this is the Brass safety padlock (32mm and 38mm bodies) where we use our Sentinel database to ensure that no project will allow overlap and duplication of lock numbers. Some of the turbines include products from our range of control key lockout boxes (Type 1 and Type 2) which is seen as the ultimate means of safe isolation control when fixed units are possible.

Isolation is accompanied by clear indication of isolation status using a variety of tags we have custom made with specific warning messages and symbols and a standard tag is now emerging and widely used (RWT50AR) by many operators.

To standardise isolation equipment we have found many customers specifying their own unique lockout kits which are often personalised with Engineer names per kit. We have a very flexible approach to kits and have a full range of products and storage options to make these up quickly and painlessly.

  • Masterlock Xenoy Padlock Padlocks
  • Two part isolation tag Isolation Tags
  • Socket and See Voltage Tester/Proving Unit and Lockout kit Lockout kits
  • Lockout Box 150W x 230H With 1 Control Lock & 7 Secondary Locks Group Lockout