Oil & Gas

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The long history of safe isolation practices in the oil and gas industry has seen Reece actively involved with many areas. Our ex-stock ranges of nylon bodied safety padlocks from Reece and Masterlock are employed in global colour coding standards for lockout. Our CLKIT cable lockout has been supplied around the world as the common universal lockout solution. The use of Car seals with either stainless (SEAL2) of Aluminium (SEAL3) bodies is growing in popularity.

  • Brass 51mm body Safety Padlock Padlocks
  • Pack of 10 Zinc/Stainless Steel Car Seals Cable lockout
  •  Stainless steel lockout hasp with 1220mm (48 inches) s/s chain Lockout hasps
  • Steel Wall mounted or Portable Group Lockout Box - 8 hook. Colour Red. Group Lockout
  • Ultimate Industrial Lockout Kit Mechanical Lockout