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The Reece brass safety padlock is the cornerstone in lockout solutions and countless customers enjoy our free Sentinel lock control system to keep them safe. The wide variety of applications is covered by our electrical and mechanical lockout devices and we are rarely left without a solution to an enquiry and the CB12 continues to be an industry standard in electrical isolation. Group lockout is catered for with our RGL12 “ammo box” and the GLB1 and GL1 wall mounted lock boxes. We make many bespoke lockout kits to allow smooth rollout of standardised equipment and these often come with Photo ID lockout tags.

In line with 5S initiatives we are making many bespoke lockout stations for walls to follow the same rules of “a place for everything and everything in place!” and they really add to the workplace efficiency and reduce lost time – they are easier to organise than you think and one of our sales team can visit to help with the process. We are now often making bespoke 5S stations for cleaning and PPE equipment.

  • Brass 38mm body Safety Padlock Padlocks
  • Stainless Steel Lockout Hasp Lockout hasps
  • Ultimate Industrial Lockout Kit Electrical Lockout Devices For Manufacturing Industries
  • Steel Wall mounted or Portable Group Lockout Box - 8 hook. Colour Red. Group lockout
  • 50 Lock, Steel Bar Lockout Station With Contents Lockout stations
  • Valve Cover to fit handwheel 257mm to 355mm Lockout kits
  • Two part isolation tag Lockout tags and signs