Unique Isolation Indicator Launched

We have just launched our unique new product which is available exclusively through Reece Safety for the UK and Ireland.

This device continuously displays the energised state of the electrical control panels and provides essential security to avoid life-threatening mistakes where a panel may still be powered despite isolation devices being applied.

It is very easy to find modern systems where a live feed remains in place despite the energy source being isolated. A remaining single phase or a floating neutral could give a harmful shock to any engineer believing the panel to be isolated and the subsequent reaction may create a much more dangerous situation through a fall or collision with a vehicle.

Whilst all know the well-established process dictated to "prove dead" before any work is carried out it is a common failing when the pressure is on to carry out the maintenance to minimise downtime. A non-fatal electric shock could easily cause major harm through a fall or sudden movement and this Unique Isolation Indicator equipment clearly shows a safe state before the panel is even opened, so rendering the risk of shock as zero.

This can give a major step forward for a typical high paced manufacturing environment to dramatically improve both safety and efficiency.

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