Confined Space Training – Awareness for Managers

Confined Space Training - Awareness for Managers


This course is for persons who will not be required to enter the confined space but who are in a management position and responsible for committing others to supervise or work inside the confined space. This course is also aimed at a person responsible for the development of risk assessments, safe systems of work and rescue plans rather than a “local” supervisor.

Delegates are required to appraise site conditions and generate a document pack which can be used by a live entry team at some future point, all document packs are assessed and certification is only issued to successful participants.


1-2 days depending on client's requirement

Learning Outcomes

 Prepare to act as safety attendant for teams working in confined spaces
 Oversee safe entry & exit to confined spaces
 Monitor work team to ensure procedures are followed
 Prepare for and deal with emergencies
 Use appropriate behaviour for carrying out top man work in high risk confined spaces
 Use appropriate knowledge for carrying out top man work in high risk confined spaces
■ Apply relevant standards for carrying out top man work in high risk confined spaces


The subjects covered in this course are;

■ Legislation recognition & classification

■ Confined space risk assessment

■ Development of Safe systems of work

■ Development of Emergency arrangements & rescue planning

■ Lockout of hazardous energy

■ Issuing Permit to work and associated controlling documents

■ Confined space roles and responsibilities

■ Gas detection (overview)

■ Escape breathing apparatus (overview)

■ Harness, tripod, davit, winch, block (overview)

■ Ventilation (overview)

■ Communication (overview)

■ Management of a practical entry (assessed)

Course Detail

 Reasonable level of fitness required
 Must speak fluent English
 Please wear steel toe capped work shoes and standard workwear
 Lunch, tea and coffee will be provided
 Full course details sent out in advance
 Please arrive 15 mins prior to course start

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